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Who are we?

CONIMCert is the official reseller in Azerbaijan of the certification body PECB Group Inc. (Professional Evaluation and Certification Board) – the world leader in training and certification of personnel, certification of corporate management systems and products in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

We provide an opportunity for professional development of specialists in the areas of implementation, application and audit of international standards of the ISO series. For more information, please visit “Education and Certification for Individuals”.

We also certify enterprises in accordance with international standards of the ISO series, which will allow organizing all the processes in the enterprise according to the best international practices, increasing brand awareness in the market and facilitating access to international sales markets. For more information, please visit “Audit and Certification for Organizations”.

We have a sufficient level of competence to provide services at the highest level. Our experts are well experienced in provision of training and system audit services. For more information, please visit “Accreditation” and “Our team”.

Why choose us as the preferred certification authority?

Global recognition. Being accredited by some of the most respected accreditation bodies in the world gives us global recognition and proves our adherence to the best practices for the best quality of services provided. Specialists who are trained and certified by PECB are recognized in the domestic and foreign markets.

Qualified staff. Only competent professionals work with us, having a sufficient level of experience in their field and the availability of appropriate certification. All of our employees are constantly trained to maintain their qualifications, and are monitored to ensure the best results for our clients.

Reasonable prices. The ability to offer the most professional and recognizable certification today is a challenge for us. We include all three processes – training, exam and certification in one price, which is the lowest in the market for such services.

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