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We offer external independent review and conformity assessment services for ISO standards. Also called “Gap analysis audits“, they are typically conducted to identify gaps between an organization’s current management system and the requirements of a particular standard, such as ISO standards. Here our aim is to help businesses meet regulatory requirements and improve their overall performance by providing unbiased and comprehensive assessments of their management systems.


Our services offer several key benefits and values to organizations. Here are just six of them.​

Increased efficiency and effectiveness of management systems

Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty

Improved regulatory compliance and risk management

Better alignment of management systems with business objectives

Increased employee engagement and motivation

Competitive advantage in the marketplace


Scope Definition: The first step is to define the scope of the review or assessment, including the standard to be assessed and the processes and areas of the organization to be covered.

Information Collection: The next step is to gather relevant information on the organization’s current management system and processes, such as policies, procedures, work instructions, and records.

Gap Analysis: Once the information is collected, a gap analysis is conducted to compare the organization’s current management system against the requirements of the standard being assessed. This step identifies areas of nonconformance or gaps that need to be addressed.

Recommendations: After identifying gaps, recommendations are made to help the organization address the identified areas of nonconformance or gaps.

Action Plan: The final step involves developing an action plan to implement the recommendations and close the identified gaps or areas of nonconformance. The action plan should include timelines, responsibilities, and resources required to implement the recommendations effectively.

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