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Code of Ethics

The commitment of CONIMCert professionals to a code of ethics is voluntary. However, if a member does not comply with this code and grossly violates the rules of conduct for members of the CONIMCert, its membership will be terminated and the certificates revoked. For CONIMCert certified professionals, it is important not only to adhere to the principles set forth in this Code, but also to maintain compliance with the CONIMCert code of ethics by its other members.

A CONIMCert specialist should:

  • To behave professionally, to be honest, accurate, impartial, responsible and independent.
  • Always act solely in the interests of their employer, their clients, the public, and the profession (acting in accordance with professional standards and the methods used when performing professional services).
  • Maintain their competence in relevant areas and strive to continuously improve their professional skills.
  • Offer only professional services for which he is qualified to adequately and fully inform clients about the nature of the services offered, including possible problems or risks.
  • Inform each employer or client of any business interests or third-party influences that may affect their judgment and fairness.
  • Ensure the strict confidentiality and privacy of information obtained in the course of professional and business relationships with any present or former employer or client.
  • Comply with all laws of the countries in which the professional activity is carried out.
  • Respect the intellectual property and labor of others.
  • In no case willfully not provide false or falsified information that could jeopardize the integrity of the candidate evaluation process for professional purposes.
  • Do not act in any way that could jeopardize the reputation of the CONIMCert or its certification programs, fully cooperate when requested in case of violation of this Code of Ethics.

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