Domain consulting service

ISO Management Systems Advisory

What is the strategic impact of uncoordinated and a silo approach to your management systems?
Organizations are faced with the challenge of managing standalone Quality, Safety, Environmental, Occupational Health Management Systems as well as other management systems disciplines. Often times, there is an endless duplication and creation a silo approach whilst maintaining the management systems.
Our Advisory ensures that our client’s integrated management systems are able to achieve their intended desired results. Our value proposition to our clients is the promotion of a risk management approach through application of different standards into one coherent Integrated Management System (IMS) Framework. It is an effective approach to simplify the work, to avoid conflicts and to reduce duplication of documents. It leads to cost savings and efficient utilization of resources within the company.

System Documentation
There seems to be a universal truth amongst management systems folks: no one really enjoys creating documentation. This is unfortunate, as not only documentation is required by many standards, it could also help the organization run more smoothly. We help your company to develop and implement sound management systems policies and procedures, which create a modern regulatory and documentation framework. In addition, we can assess existing documentation at your organization, focusing on verification and improvement of their level of quality.

Mock Audit and Inspections
Avoid uncertainty or even fear of audits and inspections. Our competent and certified auditors are able to conduct realistic mock audit and inspections, to test the robustness of your systems and to prepare your staff for the real thing. Thanks to the mock-up audit, you exactly know how likely you will pass the final audit.